The Women to Watch in the 2016 Rio Olympics

Women’s sports have all too often taken a backseat to the bigger men’s athletic events. These tough women competing in Rio can all attest to the fact that women deserve just as much of the spot light. With campaigns like #askhermore and the ongoing demand for more respect paid to women’s sports, these amazing athletes […]

Why Michelle Obama is the Ultimate Girl Boss

Do you think Michelle Obama is Beyoncé’s Beyoncé? — Cameron Esposito (@cameronesposito) July 26, 2016 If you haven’t seen Michelle Obama’s DNC speech, you need to. Not only was it a celebration of black womanhood, a la Beyoncé, but the First Lady also solidified her status as a hugely influential individual, completely separate from her husband. Her […]

Why Don’t We Trust Tough Women?

Hillary Clinton has made some mistakes – there’s no denying that. She voted for the Iraq war, she won’t release her speeches from Goldman Sachs and there’s the whole email fiasco. But Hillary is also an avid supporter or single-payer health care, a woman’s right to choose, raising the minimum wage and so many other […]

Tampon and The Diva Cup: Which is Really Better?

The days of the pad versus the tampon debate are long behind us. Period innovation has come up with some great new products, from a device that promises to magically dissolve cramps to menstrual cups. All this ingenuity brings us to a new argument: tampon or menstrual cup? The most popular type of menstrual cup is the […]

Fresh Summer Music From Richard Garvey

Independent artist Richard Garvey has a long history of making his own way. He’s finished two tours exclusively on his bike, independently produced seven albums and focuses his creative energy on issues surrounding the environment, social change and community building. Musically, he provides a breath of folk-based fresh air, following the likes of Pete Seeger […]